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As a mental health professional who received proper training on mental health, I can provide webinar participants with general information about the topic(s) they signed up for so that they can gain knowledge and they can gain a deeper understanding of the topic(s).

When I provide webinars, I focus on the following important characteristics.

  • Easy to understand for anyone

  • Based on trustworthy information including studies and literature

  • The skills you can try and use today

  • The information you can use today

Any adults who have a reliable Internet connection and who can use a computer or a tablet can participate in my webinars.

I have years of experience providing webinars to individuals, families, organizations, and companies. My webinars are available in English and Japanese.

Examples of webinar topics:

Introduction to mental health

Burn out



Effective communication


Based on your needs, I can talk about other topics you may be interested in.

The process of participating in webinars:
1)    Please call me at 916-533-4535 or send me a message on the 'contact' page. Please let me know which webinar(s) or what topics you would like me to talk about.
2)    You will complete required pape
rwork online.
3)    Pick your webinar date and time.

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